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COCO's Contest Upload Instructions

Thanks for voting everyone!
Contest is now closed.

See the winners and *you* at Making Waves 2013


Three Categories for entering Photos (you may enter as many as 3 in each)

ARTISTIC  (ART) - Images you consider to be artful in composition and visually pleasing to the eye. You may use this for your topside photos relevant to underwater photography.
BEHAVIOR (BEH) - Images that show interaction between subjects or a noticeable behavior by a single subject.
ENVIRONMENTAL (ENV) - Images that depict something that shows something relevant to the underwater environment positive or negative.

How to prepare Photos for uploading
(The filename is crucial because this is the official name you will submit with your contest email entry.)

Digital Image File Name: Please follow this format for naming the photo:
  1. Category (See abbreviations above) - Subject - Number Submitted by Photographer in that Category all connected with a dash (-), no spaces. Examples:
    • ART-PinkSkunkClown-001.JPG 
    • BEH-SpawningDamsels-001.PNG
    • ENV-PlasticBottleCleanup-001.JPG
  2. Digitial Image files must be in either JPG or PNG (no RAW or TIF!)
  3. Digital Image Dimension maximum of 1280 x 1280 pixels
  4. File sizes should be under 4 MB
  5. IMPORTANT: Be sure there are no unusual characters (% # $ @, etc. in Filenames)
  6. After uploading, please send your official entry email to with your Contact information (Name, Email, Phone Number), Entry Title and Filename for all the photos uploaded.
    We respect your privacy and will not publish that information without your permission.

Starts June 20, 2013: To Enter or to view Entries and to Vote please go to Step 3 - COCO Contest Galleries

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