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Member Photo Upload Guidelines
Guidelines for Photo Uploads

Once you are registered as a CUPS Gallery Member, you will be able to upload your photos to a designated area created just for you! To become a CUPS Gallery Member, contact CUPS

In addition to the guidelines below, be sure to check out this tutorial on how to upload photos to your gallery!

When submitting photo files for inclusion on the CUPS Online site, members are requested to observe the following guidelines:

  • Images should be a maximum of 700 pixels in width and maximum of 700 pixels in height
  • Image file sizes should ideally be less than 60kb with a maximum of 100kb
  • Image files must be in either JPG, GIF or PNG graphic file format
  • IMPORTANT: Be sure there are no unusual characters (% # $ @, etc. in Filenames)
  • Not mandatory, but ideally photo filenames will not have spaces (use underscores_to_connect_spaces.)

By following these guidelines, you insure that visitors to our site can see your photos without excessive download times, and that there will be ample server space to store photos submitted by other members.

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