Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Tutorial: Digital Photo Resizing

Image Resizing made easy
by John Daigle

Image Resizer is a free program from Microsoft. Without fiddling with Photoshop you can easily reduce the size of digital photos and make them more "web friendly" in filesize. Please email me  if you would like to add to or correct this tutorial.

Here is a step-by-step procedure with screenshots to show you how it's done.

1. Installing the Image Resizer.

First download Image Resizer. Find it here. There are a lot of programs on that page. Look in the righthand column for Image Resizer


Click on it and you will get this Security Warning


Click Save and locate a place on your hard drive to store the file. When finished downloading, this dialog appears.


Click Run to install the program. It's quick because this is a very small and simple program.

2. Using Image Resizer

On your desktop, click My Computer. Navigate to the folder that contains your digital pictures. Be sure to click on View > Thumbnails to see the view shown below.


Notice the file is 1135 pixels by 908 pixels and 534 KB in filesize...way to big for the web.

3. Reducing the image to your desired size

Right click on the image file and you  will notice a "context menu" which looks like this.


4. Click Resize Pictures and this dialog comes up with choices.


5. Select the Custom radio button and type in 700 by 700, which is the CUPS Online website preference. Click OK and the following new file is placed in the same folder as the original, renamed with the word (Custom) to tell them apart. See below.


6. Notice our picture is now 700 x 560 pixels. The next step is to rename the file to take off the parentheses (not appropriate characters for the web) and give it a meaningful name.

7. Right click on the image and notice the menu that comes up. See below.


8. Click Rename and type in Maroon 700.jpg (or whatever it is in your case).


Congratulations! Here is your resized photo, ready for upload!

More Info

If you would like more information, here are articles that go into greater detail on the Microsoft website.

Resize Digital Photos Quickly - (Good article)

View RAW images: here is another interesting link on how to .

Photo Story 3 - Free digital photo slideshow software from Microsoft


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