Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Adding Albums and Photos to Member Galleries

Managing CUPS Member Gallery Albums

This tutorial shows how to create/edit photo albums and add new photos. Not all steps are illustrated with screenshots. These tutorials are a work-in-progress. Feel free to email with any questions or suggestions.

To Add a new Album:

  1. Make sure you are logged in.
  2. From your main Member Gallery page, click on the down arrow in the upper lefthand corner of the Album Module.
  3. From the dropdown menu, select Edit Albums.
  4. Or, you can select Add New Photo (see below for that process)

To Add New Photos

  1. Click the Add New Photo link found on the lower left of the module.
  2. The Album Settings dialog will open (see below)


In Album Settings:

  1. Parent Album: Select an album from the dropdown list.
  2. Caption: Type in a descriptive name for the photo. If a filename (e.g., myphoto.jpg) is shown, you may overwrite it.
  3. Description:  Fill this in if you like
  4. Click the Browse button to locate the photo file from your hard drive
  5. When the path is filled in, click Update.
  6. Navigate back to the beginning to see your new photo(s)


To Edit an existing Album

  1. Select Edit Albums from the dropdown arrow in the upper left.
  2. The Parent Album usually shows, (otherwise select from the dropdown arrow).
  3. If you want to edit text or a description of an already existing Album you click on the blue pencil icon.
  4. A dialog will then allow you to change the Caption or you can add a Description of the photo, dive site, equipment, etc., whatever you like.
  5. Normally the Is Album Public box is checked, unless it's a work in progress.
  6. When finished editing, click Update at bottom of the module
  7. This will return you to the Edit Albums page. Here, you can either add new Albums by clicking Add Album or click the blue pencil icons on their respective Album names to edit those.



EditAlbumAlbumSettings Dialog.jpg


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