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Colorado Dive Show 2011

Announce: Time to enter your images for the Colorado Dive Show!

This is the Special Edition Update for the Colorado Dive Show. The voting gallery to show off member images is now being prepared to accept your images on the CUPS website. We had great participation last year. Here’s how it works:

Please read this completely before you start.

  1.  The first step is to prepare the digital entry and email it as an attachment to us. These will be uploaded for you into a new Photo Gallery on the CUPS website. Members will then be able to vote their favorites online.
  2. If you receive sufficient votes, the second stage is to print and frame the images for viewing at the show.
PREPARATION for sending the digital submission:
  • Remember, the digital submission should not be high resolution because these are not for printing. Ideally, you would use some kind of photo editing program to optimize the .jpg or .jpeg for Web display. If you don’t know how to do this, just send it anyway and we’ll assist.
  •  Filenames: It is difficult for us to keep track of meaningless names like “DSC10003.jpg” So, please re-name each image with your first initial and last name then underscore and subject’s common name. (e.g., jsmith_stingray.jpeg) if you have more than one entry of the same subject add a number after the common name.
  •  In your email text you must give the following information for each individual image, your first and last name, subject (common name) category Artistic or Behavior and geographical location.
  • Optional information: Title (e.g., Clowning around), common name and scientific name of the subject (Antennarius commersoni.) Also include the location detail including country, island and reef name and any unusual circumstances, observations, conditions or notations. Equipment used to capture image. All information will be printed on printed ID placard that will be attached to photo at show.
  • Send the finished files to both John Daigle and John Gordon . It is necessary to send it to both of us as we are doing separate components to the exhibit.
  • When the gallery is finished you will be notified in a Special Edition Update with a link to the gallery for voting, this will include the rules for voting.


  1. DEADLINE for us to receive your email submission is SUNDAY AUGUST 28th at midnight.
  2. The entries will be limited to 4 per CUPS member 2 per Category (Artistic & Behavior)
  3. Voting will be tracked on the website each member has ONE vote per Category.
  4. The honor to display your entries will be determined by the number of votes received by the image on the website. The spots will be given out 2 per member unless we receive a low number, then members may receive up to 4 spots in the show.
  5. DEADLINE for voting is SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 4th at midnight. You will be notified within 48 hrs of the results.
  6. All entrants will be entered into a raffle for a very nice prize. EVERYBODY HAS AN EQUAL CHANCE TO WIN!


  • If the votes are sufficient, your image(s) can be displayed at the show. You will be given a 2ft x 2ft area to display each image on our lighted grid-wall at the show.
  • You must supply a method to attach the photo-frame to the grid-wall and protective packaging for your photo (include name on photo back and packaging).
  • Additional details will be forthcoming in our next CDS Special Edition Update.
  • For Additional information or to volunteer to work the show contact John Gordon or call 303-477-5951 or Cel 720-690-5463 Thank you to those who have already volunteered we still need more. Also contact me if you would like to give a presentation at the show.
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