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CUPS U/W Photo Contest at COCO's Making Waves 2013

CONTEST - Step 1 - The Contest Rules

Thanks for voting everyone!
Contest is now closed.

See the winners and *you* at Making Waves 2013

CUPS U/W Photo Contest at COCO’s MAKING WAVES 2013 September 20 - 22nd with CSRA support

This contest will be in two stages the first will be online. Photos will be uploaded and they will be voted on to determine the participants who will have their images displayed at Making Waves and to be judged for prizes. The concept includes different categories of ARTISTIC, BEHAVIOR and ENVIRONMENTAL.

Once you become registered member on CUPS website (it's free!) you will need to follow the instructions on this page and rules of the contest to upload your photographs in the Contest Gallery. Contestants may enter up to 3 photos entries for each category.

  • Upload your photo entries beginning Thursday, June 20 until midnight August 14th.
  • VOTING HAS BEEN EXTENDED!!! and will close at midnight August 26th.
The online votes will be tabulated and winners will be determined and announced in a special edition newsletter and on CUPS, CSRA and COCO’s websites.

The winners will be notified by email with a request to print and prepare their images for the display at MAKING WAVES 2013, with all the details for preparing and delivering prints.

CUPS Display grid has room for 36 images of a limited size this would be prominently displayed in area with high traffic and the logos of CUPS, COCO and CSRA. Guest judges from the qualified participants at Making Waves would choose 1st 2nd and 3rd from each category in addition to a Grand Prize and prizes will be awarded. These top winners would again be announced by CUPS, CSRA and COCO.

  1. New participants must register (Free) on CUPS website to be eligible for this contest.
  2. This contest is for non-professionals making less than 15% of their income from photography.
  3. Photography must be one original image only without additions or subtractions while editing. Photo can be color corrected and adjusted including backscatter removal.
  4. Please upload only 3 images per category or risk disqualification.
  5. 12 top vote getters in each category will be ask to provide framed images no larger than 25”x20” and no smaller than 16”x12” for The Making Waves Display.
  6. Members chosen to display at event must deliver Photo to CUPS meeting on September 17th or make arrangements.
Judging at Making Waves will be done by notable ocean educators attending the event.

Prizes will be determined when the donated items come in 1st, 2nd and 3rd per category and Grand Prize. Subject to change according to availability.

Steps to enter:
  • Upload your photos to the Artistic, Behavior and Environmental Contest Galleries after reading the instructions here.
  • After uploading, please send your official entry email to with your Contact information (Name, Email, Phone Number), Entry Title and Filename for all the photos uploaded.
    We respect your privacy and will not publish that information without your permission.

Now, please go to Step 2 - How to Upload Photos    or      Go to the Contest Gallery

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