Wednesday, March 29, 2017
CUPS Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Society is to provide a forum for underwater photographers and videographers to share their Work, Knowledge, and Techniques with each other and with the Colorado diving community in general. And to encourage an understanding and preservation of the marine environment


The Colorado Underwater Photographic Society (CUPS) is a participatory group. Members contribute information, experience, and slides, prints or digital media to illustrate subjects. Subjects vary, and may include animal behavior, care of equipment, comparison of films, digital media, lenses, types of sea life, and photographic techniques. At times, images will be submitted and shown for purposes of constructive criticism. Members with slide-illustrated lecture experience may be called upon as an aid to CUPS. Photographers (and now videographers!) of any experience level are encouraged to participate. The one requirement for full membership is payment of  yearly dues "TBD" membership. Assocoate memberships are avaliable to those who want to participate on the website but are geographicly challenged. Meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of each month, 6:30 to 9:00 PM. Communication is via e-mail and this CUPS web site.


Beyond the purpose embedded in the mission statement, CUPS expects to increase interest of the diving community and of the public in general in the aquatic environment. CUPS members will benefit through:

  • Working with Colorado Scuba Retailers Association .
  • Hosting the CUPS web site with links for internet exposure.
  • Providing an opportunity to improve their work through the advice of their peers and visiting experts.
  • Engaging in dive trips oriented toward photography.
  • Exploration of commercial venues for photographic images.
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