Wednesday, March 29, 2017
2001 Winners
Photo Gallery

These winners from the ExtaSea Expo 2001 Amateur Photo Competition have graciously agreed to share their work with you.



1st Place - Silhouette of Wrasse
Lee Ann Holwager
B-012.jpg 3rd Place - Hawksbill Turtle
Kelly Sobczak

Advanced Macro
M-003.jpg 1st Place - Hawkfish
Alan Klein
M-005.jpg 2nd Place - Nudibranch Eating Hydroids
John Warn
M-002.jpg 3rd Place - Fireworks of Ngedbus Wall
Wesley Underwood
M-001.jpg Honorable Mention - Magnifient Scollop
Carl Brownd

Advanced Standard
S-006.jpg 1st Place - Common Dolphin
Carl Brownd
S-010.jpg 2nd Place - Two Anemonefish
John Bulik
S-004.jpg 3rd Place - Crinoid, Sea Whips
John Warn

Advanced Scenic
W-101.jpg 1st Place - Humpback Cow & Calf
Peter Hartlove
W-002.jpg 2nd Place - Hooked on Sharks
Carl Brownd
W-014.jpg 3rd Place - Hovering Lionfish
John Bulik

A-015.jpg 1st Place - Looking for Lunch
Marilyn Clark
A-011.jpg 2nd Place - Bottlenose Dolphins
Josh Smith
A-016.jpg 3rd Place - Oceans in a Bottle
Marilyn Clark
A-001.jpg Honorable Mention - Fins of Fire
Weslely Underwood
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